Burnt Bug 5
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1962 Burnt Bug


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Product Description

Sale by consignment

Burnt Beetle FOR SALE

The current owner bought this beetle after all the hard work of getting it back on the road had been done. The car was in a shed fire and was resurrected with a bunch of new gear going in to it. Since then he has overhauled nearly every part of the brake system, fuel system, ignition system. The car has an airbag front beam operated by pneumatic switch in car. It has a 3gal air tank with a 444c black compressor and FK rear drop plates. It has had a visor and roof rack fitted as well as new 15×5 and 5×8 wheels by Tin God. The car has had a 12V conversion and runs a twin port 1600 with electronic ignition. can supply the old beam that was in it with the sale as well as blade style bumpers should a new owner wish to have them.


Not interested in trades or parts of anything.

No roadworthy
Currently registered on club registration which is not transferable so sold with no reg.

Please email for further information technical@freshkustoms.com

Can assist in shipping including overseas

Please note: Shipping cost not included in price

Car is currently located in Victoria Australia