Here are some of the frequently asked technical questions.

How do I lower the front of my Type 2?
To lower the front of your type 2 bus there are a few products available on the market. Narrowed and adjustable front beam suspension allows you to have different height settings so you can adjust and tune in the desired height, this type of modification lowers the centre of gravity and can make your type 2 more stable and give your kombi a nicer stance, adjustable beams will give you a up to 5″ drop, with the beam narrowed it will provide tyre to guard lip clearance when running low to avoid scrubbing. Early type 2’s have a king and link pin spindle arrangement and can be modified to be used in a drop spindle application, this will provide a drop of 3.5″ Late Bay window type 2 buses have a ball joint spindle arrangement and drop spindles are available providing a drop of 2.5″

How do I lower the rear of my Type 2?
To answer this commonly asked question first let’s look at some of the history of the rear ends of type 2’s (kombis) For early type 2 buses before 1967 (split window) the standard rear axle arrangement comprised of a reduction gear box (RGB) at the end of the gearbox axle shaft, these RGB’s allowed the early type 2’s to have a smaller engine capacity and still enough torque to climb hills when loaded up with people or freight. Due to the location and alignment of the RGB this increased the height of the bus to have it sitting with approximately 11″ of chassis to ground clearance and also having a positive camber on the rear wheels making them unstable in high wind and cornering when unloaded.

There are a few options when it comes to lowering the rear of an early type 2

Option 1 – stay with the original RGB’s and use an adjustable spring plate system, this will be ok for drop unto 4.5″ as negative camber increases dramatically the lower you go.

Option 2 – Convert the rear of your type 2 by installing a straight axle gearbox with long axles from either a type 3 or type 1 beetle, then use an adjustable spring plate system, this is a good option if you don’t want to modify any of the chassis by means of welding and clearancing, this option can allow a type 2 to run very low due to the drop achieved by removing the added height of the RGB which is around 3″, there is also enough axle tube to chassis clearance when you come down nice and low however you will still have increased negative camber of the wheels the lower you go.

Option 3 – Convert to Early Bay Window IRS (Independent Rear Suspension), this conversion requires welding of the IRS arm mounts (bolt in kits are also available), early shorter IRS arms, clearancing of the transmission saddle for the arms to swing and an adjustable spring plate system, most commonly used is the single side plate IRS gearbox used in later type 1 beetles for it’s good gear ratios and proven reliability Fresh Kustoms has a spring plate system to suit all of the above requirements for early type 2 lowering and conversion which utilises the original spring plates.

Late Bay Window Type 2 With the upgrade of the type 4 engine in later type 2’s also came a heavier duty suspension, the IRS arms are longer as too are the spring plates, splined torsion arms are also larger in diameter to cope with the additional weight of the longer engine bay and heavier type 4 engine design. To lower the rear of a late bay window there are a few items on the market. The horse shoe plate – this design allows the IRS arm and spring plate to stay in its current location while the CV Hub is relocated up above moving the wheel closer to the body Adjustable Spring Plates – This system allows the rear to be adjusted up via an adjustment screw from the side of the plate FK Drop plate Kit – Our kit utilises the original spring plate and adapts on to it to allow the original spring plate to have pre-tension while off setting the hub and arm assembly statically at a few different height settings

Do Fresh Kustoms do a lowering system for type 1 and type 3 swing and IRS cars?
Yes we do, please follow the tabs on the home page to explore the products we have available   Can

Fresh Kustoms install components on my car?
Fresh Kustoms can complete a custom install that meets your needs, please forward install enquiries to George technical@freshkustoms.com