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40mm raised beam kit – type 2 link pin


Product Description

This kit will provide an additional 40mm drop to the front of your type 2 bus while also providing 40mm more beam to ground clearance.

This kit allows you to rework your original type 2 link pin beam to make it adjustable and narrowed, the side plates have mounting holes to suit both bay window or split window chassis and allow mounting the beam assembly in two positions of standard or 40mm raised into the car allowing for more ground clearance, this kit also comes with a 4mm mild steel formed profile so the area above the top tube of the beam can have the chassis notched to allow the beam to be raised up 40mm

Kit comes with two laser cut side plates to suit split window king and link pin style beam, two chassis notch profiles for the top tube area, two laser cut beam braces and two bus beam adjusters

This kit requires welding to install and when mounted in the 40mm position will also require modifications to the selector shaft, heating duct, brake push rod, floor space above the brake booster and brake hard line brackets etc.

Please refer to your local state or territory laws as chassis modification may require engineering approval