7″ Raised Beam Kit – Type 2 Ball Joint Beam


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Product Description

If you’re looking to get a bus way down and keep ground clearance this is the only way.

Designed to raise the suspension assembly into the front of the vehicle by 7 inches (175mm) this provides all of the suspension and steering components to be tucked up above the chassis rails, the suspension assembly tubes thus becomes part of the vehicle and cannot be removed, the suspension can still be serviced and bushes replaced however this must be completed in the vehicle.

Drop spindles will not be required if you use this kit.

Kit includes two 7″raised beam side plates, two brace gussets, two beam adjusters and two shock offset plates, Narrowed adjustable beam modification only instructions provided for this kit.

Side plates have both early and late mounting holes so suit both split and bay bus chassis configurations

Shock towers have been raised and shifted rearward to allow the use of standard shocks, a set of FK shock offset plates are supplied to remedy shock alignment on narrowed beams.

Recommended also is the use of front wheel tubs to avoid tyre fowling.

Other modifications required to allow this set up are but not limited to –

  • Gear selector shaft dogleg modification
  • Steering box raise, steering shaft bracket and cover modification
  • Steering pin flip to run pivot arm underneath lower tube
  • Brake booster relocation
  • Extensive Chassis notching
  • Brake pipe relocation
  • Park brake cable relocation

Installation of this raised beam system requires substantial chassis modification to allow tie rod clearance and may require engineering approval, please check with your state laws, these works should be carried out by a skilled tradesman with sound fabrication knowledge and skills only.