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FK coilover kit sports suspension VW Bus T5 incl. 4Motion Bj. 2003-2015 (AK-STREET)


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FK coilover kit sports suspension VW Bus T5 incl. 4Motion Bj. 2003-2015

At a reasonable price, you get the top model from FK as the ideal start into the world of tuning. The coilovers can be adjusted quickly and easily with the help of the supplied hook wrench. Depending on the vehicle, the adjustment range varies between 25-80 mm.

The FK coilover kits have been in use successfully for almost 25 years and are known for their sporty suspension setup, the highest quality and an outstanding price-performance ratio. First-class materials, perfect workmanship and very good corrosion protection ensure you long driving pleasure with these high-quality coilovers. Unless otherwise stated, the coilovers are equipped with a TÜV parts certificate.

The FK coilover kit is the first choice for everyone who wants to tune their vehicle;

– simple and individual height adjustability in the tested adjustment range

– sporty, firm ride

– first-class quality for a long service life

– more driving fun through excellent cornering behavior

– ready-to-install complete solution

– Optimally coordinated FK quality sport damper

– high quality CNC manufactured aluminum components (partly anodized)

– new and in original packaging

Back orders typically are on hand in 5-7 days

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