Koni 80-1350 Adjustable Shocks


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Product Description

Koni 80-1350 –

Koni 80-1350 fits: Volkswagen Beetle front/rear, Karmann Ghia front/rear, type 3 front and rear (will require spacers each side on the lower mounts if used on the rear), type 2 front and type 2 rear (will fit bay window rear if lowered more than 6″ drop)

With higher dampening percentage than Koni 1349 the 80-1350 is perfect for lower stanced VW’s

The Koni Special Series, or original damper, is designed for the driver who wants to improve their cars handling and safety. Improved road holding with a higher level of safety

These shocks need to be removed from the vehicle first to adjust the rebound damper. The rebound forces can be adjusted by compressing all the way in and then twisting the shock, clockwise for harder damper return, anti clockwise for softer damper return.

Extended stroke – 390mm
Compressed stroke – 260mm

***Sold in pairs ***