Type 2 Bay Window Adjustable Tie Rod Assembly


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These quality Meyle tie rod assemblies are a direct replacement for the adjustable tie rod assembly on a 1968 – 1979 type 2, replaces VW part number – 211-415-801/F

They can also be used to replace the fixed tie rod VW Part number – 211-415-802/F and if you are going to install a narrowed beam you will require 2 of these assemblies (shortened in length to suit your beam)

These can also be used on a split window bus after the pivot arm and the spindle tie rod tapers have been enlarged to suit (we can offer this service also)

Fresh Kustoms offers a narrowing service on this product to suit your narrowed beam, length terminology on this product refers to the beam its being used for, example: “4 Inch narrowed” the tie rod would be 2 inches shorter in length than a standard length tie rod

Please choose the desired length option at check out

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Standard Width, 2 Inch Narrowed, 3 Inch Narrowed, 4 Inch Narrowed, 5 Inch Narrowed, 6 Inch Narrowed, 7 Inch Narrowed, 8 Inch Narrowed