Type 2 – Early Split Window – Narrowed Beam, Flipped Spindle & Steering Package




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Fits 55-62 Type 2 split window drum brakes, will also fit up to 1970 bay window with use of 55-62 wide 5 drum brakes or up to 1979 bay window with addition of aftermarket disc brake kit (we can add on a brake booster bracket at additional cost)

Fresh Kustoms are now offering a complete front suspension and steering assembly

Ready to bolt in front suspension and steering package, all the hard work is done!!!

Let Fresh Kustoms handle the complex technical steps in your front suspension and steering by offering a completed package.

Don’t be caught out with hidden costs and days of labour lost while you or your mechanic try and figure out what other steps are required to finish your front suspension and steering

Save days of valuable time by installing a Fresh Kustoms completed Narrowed, adjustable beam with flipped spindles and steering package into your car

We take a standard factory beam, we clean it, remove all of the bushes and the centre spring bosses, remove the factory style side plates, narrow the beam tubes, add on a set of Fresh Kustoms 40mm raised side plates, we dress the centre spring bosses in the lathe so they will rotate freely for adjustment, deburr the tubes, add a set of avis style adjusters, shorten the spring packs, assemble the beam, add a set of Fresh Kustoms shock offset plates to the lower arms to position the shocks correctly further out, we add a set of factory reworked flipped spindles with the tie rod points flipped to accept larger adjustable bay window tie rods from underneath for more chassis clearance, we also enlarge the factory steering pivot arm to accept the bay window tie rods, we narrow the bay tie rods and fully assembly the steering components on the beam, we prime all the parts with grease then prep and paint the assembly in matt black enamel rust kill.

Making this package the easiest install available

Looking for more lows?

With the Fresh Kustoms 40mm raised side plates used on these beams we can also offer a weld in chassis notch profile with detailed install instructions. This allows the beam to be mounted at either the stock position or raised up 40mm higher into the car, this provides 40mm more drop but with the added benefit of 40mm more beam to ground clearance!!

Some modifications require engineering approval, please check the requirements in your State or Territory

How does the exchange program work?

We offer these beams as an exchange for your beam core in TWO different ways;

Option 1. Pay the price of the exchange beam, spindles and steering package and core return fee and we will ship the beam assembly to you, you return your standard beam assembly core back to Fresh Kustoms. We inspect the core and refund the core charge

Option 2. Pay the price of the exchange beam assembly only (no need to pay the core fee). You send in your used beam assembly core and when it arrives we ship the Fresh Kustoms beam assembly to you

Additional information

Exchange Type

Option 1 We send a beam to you first (Core Charge included), Option 2 You send your beam to us first (No Core Charge)