complete kit includes instructions and drill tool template
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Type 2 FK Drop Plate Kit for – Straight Axle (Unmodified long axle trans)


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Product Description

**New split window straight axle kit with 1.5” adjustable height settings for use with a type 1 or type 3 long axle trans without needing to modify the axle tube length**

If your type 2 split window Bus has been converted to use a long axle gearbox from a beetle or type 3 then this system is for you.

As the distance between the spring plates on a split window Kombi is wider than that of a beetle or type 3 the offset spacers step the drop plate section of this kit inward to enable the drop plate to bolt up to the axle casting of the long axles, this means you don’t have to modify the axle tube length, the new spacer plate design also allows for the lower shock mount position, mounting the shock this way means it will always have the same amount of travel regardless of the lowering position you choose on the drop plates


Laser cut from quality high tensile steel plate and then zinc coated, our FK Drop Plates will still look good for years to come.

With some easy drilling and cutting modification to your original spring plates with our template tool provided our bolt in plate system will provide a pre tensioned ride like factory.

Run wide rubber on the rear of your bus and get it down low with out completely dismantling the rear end of your bus to change a flat tyre.

Each kit comes with two drop plates, two offset spacers, drill template tool, fitting hardware and installation instructions.


Height settings

 4.5”, 6”, 7.5” and 9” drop from the factory height, heights in between these can be achieved using standard re-indexing of the torsion bars