Type 2 Standard Width Adjustable Beam (1970-1979) – Exchange




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Type 2 beam adjusters have been available for some time, however just welding them on to the beam won’t make it adjustable. The process is a little more involved, this is due to the centre spring retaining bosses being an interference (tight) fit in the tubes. Without removal and resizing the bosses will never turn freely.

Let Fresh Kustoms prepare a beam with adjusters!

We take a standard factory beam, we clean it, split the beam, remove the centre spring bosses, dress them in the lathe so they will rotate freely, deburr the tubes, add a set of avis style adjusters, sleeve and weld the beam back together, then prep and paint the beam in black enamel.

The only items supplied with these beams are the stock, used (good condition) inner tube bushes, outer needle roller bearings and steering pivot pin bushes

How does the exchange program work?

We offer these beams as an exchange for your beam core in TWO different ways;

Option 1. Pay the price of the exchange beam and core return fee and we will ship the beam to you, you swap the beam and components over in your vehicle and return your standard beam core back to Fresh Kustoms. We inspect the core and refund the core charge

Option 2. Pay the price of the exchange beam only (no need to pay the core fee). You send in your used beam core and when it arrives we ship the Fresh Kustoms beam to you

Additional information

Exchange Type

Option 1 We send a beam to you first (Core Charge included), Option 2 You send your beam to us first (No Core Charge)