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Type 3 IRS drop plate kit


Weld on lowering drop plates for later type 3 Notchback, Fastback, Squareback and 34 Ghias using IRS rear suspension

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Product Description

The Fresh Kustoms unique weld in drop plates for type 3 IRS suspension allow stock ride quality with a lowered stance.

Height adjustment with the FK drop plates can be carried out within 1 hour as no spring plate indexing is required.

Tyre to spring plate clearance is maintained also as there are no threaded blocks in the way like other adjustable spring plate designs.

Utilising the strength of the factory forged steel section on the IRS arm the Fresh Kustoms weld on drop plate adapter wraps around the original forged section and is then welded into position to provide maximum strength.

These plates have been specifically profiled to provide maximum arm to chassis clearance which is a common issue with lowered type 3 IRS suspension, the forward adjustment holes are tapped to accept the front mounting bolt also

The steel chosen for this adapter is of a high tensile quality so you can rest assured it will never bend out of shape.

The FK design allows for the arm to be positioned in 4 different height settings with each setting lowering the vehicle in 2 inch increments.

This system also uses the original mounting hardware between the spring plate and arm.

Height settings with the spring plate positioned at stock ride height are –

  • Stock Height
  • 2 inches lowered
  • 4 inches lowered
  • 6 inches lowered

For settings in between these heights normal spring plate indexing as per the maintenance manual is recommended.

Each kit comes with detailed installation instructions.


Note: Fresh Kustoms recommends that the installer has good knowledge of welding equivalent to – 

MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade